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October 22, 2013


 Steampunk Witch Doctor/Voodoo Bowler Hat todd kimmell
Recently my long-suffering and patient BFF Lisa confided to me that she is a closet Steampunk fan.  Why was I not surprised?!  She's an eclectic, classy kind of girl and I can totally see her in that decorating genre.

Earlier this year I wrote a post about the trend toward Steampunk - a combination of 20th century industrial meets 21st century science fiction.  (In plainer terms, envision Robert Downey, Jr., in the Sherlock Holmes movie series.)  Completely fascinating décor.
Steampunk Cat but without the cat lol. maybe an owl or a lion?
According to many trend watchers, the steampunk movement is
the next shabby chic.  Just say that you might want to dip your
toe in the waters of this approaching tidal wave of eclecticism, we
should take a look at some of the basics of the style.
 Victorian Mercantile Utility Sewing Table
While this Victorian mercantile utility table might look
benign and common, it will set you back $1,500 - yikes.
 Howard Miller Allentown Wall Clock
Preeminent clock maker The Howard Miller Company is getting into the act with this Allentown exposed-parts clock.  Priced at just over $200, it measures 21" across.
 Media Console/Credenza
Lee Cowan offers this post-apocalyptic custom made
media console/credenza using a combination of reclaimed wood,
steel, and cast iron.  It can be yours for $2,350 (plus shipping).
A Victorian school easel is perfect for displaying
art and any number of antique ephemera:
 Vintage English School Easel
You can expect to shell out around $400 for an authentic period easel.
Who couldn't fall in love with a style that considers a
vintage soldering torch a decorating accessory?
Vintage Torch, Antique Soldering Torch, Industrial Decor, Steampunk Decor, Tool, Brass, Brown, Red, Clayton and Lambert, Made in USA
We can rely on Restoration Hardware to keep us
supplied with the latest leather furniture trends:
 Regency Leather Sofa
 And we all know that if an established dynamo like Restoration
Hardware endorses a design element that makes it bona fide
 19th Century Leather Lounge Club Chair
But for the purist who insists on a genuine 19th Century
leather club chair, they can expect to pay in the neighborhood
of $5,000.  Yes, it is a very expensive neighborhood.
Who wouldn't adore an industrial, unusual coffee table . . . .
. . . . or a dual purpose dining table/book case?
And, lastly, the mainstay of any serious steampunk
enthusiast - an actual antique steamer trunk:
 Restored Classic Steamer Trunk
One in fairly good condition can be found for around $800
in the occasional antique mall.  I'm thrilled to tell you that I actually
own an exact copy of this trunk and I only paid $50 for it in 1986.
So there you have it, friends - the starting guide for Steampunk Décor.
Expect to see lots more of this interesting style over the coming year.

Tuesday Miss Money Pitt Update
Given her age and the fact that she is built upon the side of a mountain, prior to purchasing our tarnished dove, we consulted with two independent foundation specialists and a home inspector to determine the structural integrity of the house.  All agreed that she was sound if a little settled.  So we proceeded with the purchase.

However, two weeks ago hubby and I bit the proverbial bullet and made a huge ($$$) deci$ion - we chose to have the house leveled, righted, un-settled.  The 'sand hogs' (as they refer to themselves) spent days under the house adding additional piers and installed a massive central girder.  Now if you roll marbles across the den floor they don't tumble to the right southerly corner.

We've also decided to look into the genealogical possibilities that our Miss Money Pitt is a distant but emotionally close relation to the illu$triou$ and charitable Brad and Angelina Jolie-Pitt clan in the hopes of an endowment.  In other words, our renovation budget is blown like a Kansas tornado.  Albeit a stable, level tornado.


  1. All of our house renovation money has gone toward non-fun structural stuff instead of fun decorating stuff. Ugh...

    1. It's like being a grown up - you have to pay for the necessities first then the extras second. As this is our Forever Home we want to do it right. The cosmetic touches will have to wait for our budget to recover but hopefully it will be within a year. At least we feel good about doing the right thing. -- Jan

  2. Saw your comment on Ornate Splendor. Had to hop over and met the Jan with one n. lol! I am the Jann with the double nn. Love all this steampunk look. Yes, I will try to make my own rather than pay Restoration Hardware prices. Did find a cute industrial cart table at Home Goods. Love that soldering torch! Happy to be a new follower.

    1. Hi, Jann! There aren't many of us out there. Technically I'm SaraJan (one word), named for my Mom's two sisters. Are you a Jannet? A Janna? A Joanna?

  3. I do like this look. I particularly like that clock.
    Well I am glad you won't lose your marbles!! but it is a bore spending money on practical things.

    1. Yes, I prefer spending money on more visual improvements, that's for sure. Maybe not on a lot of steampunk but I'm fascinated by this style. SO creative! -- Jan

  4. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful pieces of the past. I know that the steam punk era has come a knocking. I've made one steam punk theater doll. so far. Its all a strange form of art. Very interesting. I love all the Robert Downy Sherlock Homes movies and hope he does another.
    Happy Halloween XXOO,
    Marie Antoinette

    1. Steampunk dolls - what an awesome idea! The RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies are some that both husband and I enjoy. Supposedly he's working on another one now. Can't wait! -- Jan

  5. What a fun post. I do like a bit of steam punk but think it can be overdone at some point. It will be interesting to see how far it goes in the huge world of decorating styles.
    I am glad your marbles stay in one place now but that was an expensive roping in I bet! xo Diana

    1. Keeping my marbles from roll around all over the place is like trying to keep corks under water - impossible! Steam punk is definitely not for everyone and I predict it will have a limited appeal. Quite masculine, actually, but fascinating.

  6. This is an interesting decorating trend that would look great in a city loft! Love that clock! Oh dear, Miss Money Pit has shown her true side, I see. Glad you won't be losing any more marbles, though. We all need stable footing! xo

    1. Every day my husband gives me the 'budget look' - similar to "what have you gotten me into?" look. Older homes are definitely a continuous labor of love. When I post the 'after' photos of the renovation I'll also reveal my secret past connection to the house. Yes, a mystery! -- Jan

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