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October 23, 2013

Guess where I am.  Come on, guess.  Charleston, S.C.!!!
I popped up here for my son-in-law's sister's wedding (ANY
excuse to see the grandtwins) and the city is as beautiful as it
was when we were here last year.#20 with it's grand wrought iron gate…

One thing I've always been crazy over is decorative wrought iron.
Fences, gates, balconies, window grills.  And Charleston might be
the wrought iron capital of the country.

Hydrangeas ornament wrought iron gates in Charleston
Hydrangeas and wrought iron - the perfect combination!

wrought iron gate

Exquisite wrought iron gates at St. John's Lutheran Church in Charleston, S.C.
Exquisite wrought iron gate at St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC

     Swirly wrought Iron gate pattern   
Wrought iron gate set in a brick wall.

Notice the turtles at the bottom of the gate?

Beautiful gateway
Wrought iron gate decoration. #Belvedere #Quarante #Herault #Languedoc

A legendary wrought iron artist and blacksmith, Philip Simmons is
considered an icon in Charleston.  Living to be almost 98 years old,
Simmons completed over 600 wrought iron works in Charleston
during his impressive career.

Charleston Magazine
Simmons began crafting ornamental ironwork in 1938 and worked
well into his 90s.  Considered the darling of Charleston architectural
preservationists, an effort began in 1995 to categorize his immense
body of work.

Kitty Robinson of the Historic Charleston Foundation insists,
“Philip Simmons has given us a continuum of excellence and wonderfully
placed reminders, from the stateliest properties to the humblest abodes,
that Charleston is grounded in the magnificent work of so many artisans."

Yes, Ms. Robinson, he certainly has.



  1. I am a big fan too. I always think wrought iron fences and gates look so elegant. It is good that Mr Simmons' work is being recorded.

    1. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago but preservationists began documenting his work in 1995. He was alert and active until the end and was able to help locate the hundreds of homes he worked on and provide a lot of history and detail on almost every project. Mr. Simmons truly was a local treasure.

  2. Jan,
    My husband and I made our first trip to Charleston last year and Ohhhhhh my did I fall in love with the beautiful homes and front doors and gates. So beautiful. It was fun to walk the streets knowing the history of all the wonderful people before us had walked like George Washington etc. It is a city so full of great history. Loved it I cannot wait to go back.

    1. I discovered Charleston 'late in life' and regret that I didn't visit here sooner. There's something for everyone here and each trip makes you want to return. -- Jan

  3. Beautiful photos of a wonderful town! I'd love to be there, too!:-)

    1. It really is a splendid place to visit. The locals are so very friendly and hospitable. And the architecture - stunning. Oh, and don't forget the beach - this city is the Real Deal! -- Jan

  4. I have never been to Charleston but I would love to visit there. The photos are beautiful!

    1. Truly pictures can not do it justice. Every time I visit here I find something that I've never seen before and it's always amazing. I was a little surprised that the weather is ideal this time of year. -- Jan

  5. Love them! I need to find a welder to set up my recycled iron fence for me.

    1. It truly I a dying art. The house we just bought has tons of ornamental wrought iron and I, too, will be looking for a welder soon. -- Jan

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