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October 9, 2013

Did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month?

You'd be hard pressed to find a greater return on an emotional
investment than the love you receive from a rescued dog.

Not only is adopting a shelter dog a good idea, it can actually
improve your life. Studies have shown that people with dogs are
more likely to accept change, are better able to deal with stress,
and have fewer doctor appointments than non-dog owners. 

So, how does this relate to decorating and collecting?  Since
mankind first learned to 'tame the beast' we've included canines
in our packs and in our homes.

What a delightful contradiction - a contemporary
art dog and an antique chair.  I love it!

There are as many different types of canine
collectibles as there are different breeds:   
Chalkware dogs from the 1940s

and kitschy dogs from the 1950s


Victorian Staffordshire dogs

Antique dog prints and paintings

The Polished Pebble
An antique cast iron Hubley collectible door stop

This handsome cast iron door stop belonged to my husband's grandmother
and has traveled around with us for almost 25 years.  Laddie, as we refer
to him, is approximately 8 inches tall, a foot long, and weighs over 4 pounds.
Stubbing your toe on Laddie is a rite of passage.

I spotted this Hubley collectible dog on eBay for over $200.

And this little cast iron cocker spaniel is listed for $300:

  Yes, Laddie has become an even dearer member of the family.

Since photography became affordable to the common man we've chosen to include those things we hold most dear in our pictures.  Libby Hall, the archivist for the Kennel Club of Mayfair, has compiled an amazing photography collection of the dogs of old London.

Whether pedigreed or mixed, the loyalty of a dog is a thing of beauty.

If you have room in your house for a furry bundle of love
think about adopting a shelter dog.  You'll never regret it.


  1. Loved the old photos, saw one that was almost the same as a photograph I have of myself as a child sitting with ankles crossed with a cuddly type dog, except the dog in the photograph with me was a stuffed dog on wheels with a handle to push it. Lovely post.

    1. Thanks, it was a lot of fun writing it. You hardly ever find old black and white photographs at flea markets that include pets. I would love to see Mrs. Hall's entire collection. -- Jan

  2. I love this! What a great post - and great idea for a post!

    1. You're so sweet - thanks! One of the many wonderful things about writing a blog is that you can write about any idea that pops into your head. A friend asked, "How do you think of topics for your posts?" I answered, "I have absolutely no idea!" -- Jan

  3. I completely agree , and seems October is the animal's month in many places of the World. Here in my country we have some events at the first week to encourage people to adopt.
    Nice post, great collections and wonderful pics! Thanks to share =)

    Cintia ( tin ) Fumagalli

    1. Even though he wasn't at a shelter, we rescued one of our dogs (Archie) from a breeding kennel. Rescued animals of all kinds are so grateful to have a forever home. Thanks for stopping by! -- Jan