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October 21, 2013

Monday - the beginning of a new week and fresh new repurposing ideas.

Today we're going to take a look at some very
clever window treatment repurposing ideas.

How cute is this whisk broom collection as a window treatment?
Very cute!

For a charming cottage look consider spray
painting a tree branch and using it as a rod:

Vintage tablecloth with Pom Pom fringe repurposed as window shade
Vintage tablecloths make excellent 
window treatment material.

LOVE this idea of using
an oar for a curtain rod:

Hide a curtain rod behind a vintage yard stick:

Here's another darling idea using vintage yard
sticks and a collection of ironstone pitchers:

Okay, this is rather different. Instead of hanging
a curtain from a rod, hang a drop cloth from a
vintage coat hanger that's hanging from the
window casement.  

Fresh American
The next time you're looking for unusual tie-backs visit
the hardware store.  You'll be surprised at the neat stuff you
can repurpose into window treatment material.

Reclaimed wood and hooks are a clever alternative
to traditional shower or window curtain rods:

Stitching doilies together to make a valance
gives the window a dreamy appearance:

Vintage handkerchiefs were stitched
together to make this cottage valance:

This simple valance is a burlap coffee bean bag:
Red Door Home

Definitely not your usual window
treatment but it's darling:
A Home On the Bay

Painted decorative shelf brackets . . . . . . .

The Steampunk Home
. . . . . . are a charming alternative to a fabric valance.

Starched and ironed baby gowns threaded on a rod
make a precious memory and alternative valance:

Jennifer Morgensen
In a teen's bedroom how about using t-shirts as a valance?

Inexpensive plastic landscape edging
makes a visually interesting valance:
Home Road
This idea also allows you to display
memorabilia and treasured trinkets.

Vintage wrought iron plant hangers were grouped
to make this charming window treatment:
The Elegant Chateau

This unusual idea is so European:

Using inexpensive linen fabric make a 'shell' of a dress
to use as a window treatment.  Heck, make several.

Well, there you have it - a repurposeful Monday
with charming and unique window treatment ideas.

See you tomorrow for the Miss Money Pitt Tuesday update!

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  1. What great ideas for a window topper. I need some inspiration for that for mer ManCave, and BTW, thanks for stopping by!