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October 16, 2013

I'm a traditionalist.  There, I've said it.  

And one particularly charming traditional decorating
element that I love is the use of chair rail.

Installing a chair rail and wainscoting is a DIY project with a BIG pay off.
Not only is it visually pleasing it also increases the aesthetic value of your home.

For the contemporary lover who can't wrap their arms around the
traditional chair rail, consider this idea - the room's crown molding
was treated like a chair rail and the accent molding 
extends to the ceiling.

Still don't think chair rail can make that much difference?

Apartment Therapy
Okay, chair rail and a new marble floor can really make a difference. 

Here are two Before & After chair rail
projects that completely changed the rooms:
 Elegant, isn't it?

The sunny yellow on top of the chair rail and the wainscoting
underneath add a charming architectural element to this nursery.

Yes, I love chair rail and traditional decorating.
Don't you?


  1. I do like it, but I was going to say, in our house, where the ceilings aren't particularly high, it wouldn't work. However, looking at picture number 10, the ceiling there is quite low, but they have changed the scale of things and made it work very effectively.

  2. I like it, makes a room more luxurious! We call it panelling. Love the blue colour in the dining room picture.

  3. What lovely rooms! What a difference a few well placed moldings have made. I really love the first photo. Lots of good inspiration! xo

  4. Jan, I do love a chair rail and wainscoting. I have it a couple of areas.

  5. OH- I love it, Jan- I am a traditionalist too with romantic overtones, I think- xo Diana