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June 6, 2013

Yesterday's photos brought back so many "Rocking a Go-Go"
memories from the 1960s,  let's resurrect some more.

Fashion in the early 60s was a carry-over from the more formal
styles of the 1950s.  Sophistication was the name  of the game.

But rebellious young European designers, in an effort to make
a name for themselves, turned the fashion world on its ear with
shorter, more colorful and fun creations. 

Vintage Yves Saint Laurant, 1964

A 1962 college graduate started her career wearing this:

But, by 1965, she was wearing one of these:

Their mothers wore hats in public but most 60s hipsters preferred the beret:
That's future actress Ali MacGraw in the white trench coat.

Designers surfed the wave of the British Invasion with
"groovy" fashion to reflect the music of the Beatles


A late 60s high fashion magazine stated, They've got swagger!

Models became celebrities including Peggy Moffitt, left, and Twiggy.

Diane Arbus, a well known fashion photographer, snapped this photo
of popular model Penelope Tree, in the streets of London, c. 1966.

Although Jean Shrimpton, left, was the more beautiful of the two, Twiggy dominated fashion and advertising for a decade.

Colleen Corby was a very popular model in the 60s  - I guess
because she was so normal looking and not grotesquely skinny.

If you're lucky enough to find a vintage outfit from the 60s, buy it and display it:
I hope you've enjoyed this walk down Memory Lane.  Ah, those
60s fashions  - they changed the world of design forever.


  1. Back in early 1990s my parents in law put their house on the market (in a lovely little village near Oxford). Twiggy actually went to visit the house twice! She really wanted to buy it but felt that it was a little to close to the road that ran through the centre of the village. My Mother in Law was so excited to be meeting a real celeb AND one of her fashion icons! Jx

  2. I wasn't old enough to wear makeup when Twiggy was popular but I adored her eye makeup and that short, short hair cut was adorable. How exciting that your Mom got to meet her! -- Jan

  3. Yes, I remember those 60's fashions. I always wanted to dress like my older cousin....poorboy shirts and hip hugger skits. I actually became fashion savvy in the 70s with halter tops and low cut bellbottom jeans . Those were the days! Great post!

  4. Oh, I do remember those days! Twiggy and Ali MacGraw were the fashion icons for me! We all had Twiggy haircuts and painted on lashes! In 7th grade I had a favorite dress - orange with yellow polka dots and I wore bright yellow 'window pane' stockings with my Twiggy haircut! Then Ali MacGraw hit the scene and we all grew our hair out long and parted it in the middle and wore 'preppy' styles. Thanks for taking us down memory lane and how exciting that Twiggy was looking at your in-law's home! xo

  5. Fun trip down the memory runway. I loved some of the clothes we wore in the '60s. And the hats. Like Jackie Kennedy's pillbox hats (for church) and a military beret from Sunny Surplus for my gal pals and me to wear when we went shopping downtown.

  6. Love the fashion of the 60's. I wore many of those outfits being in my teen years. I was super slim. Now that I look back I think I looked more anorexic.