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June 11, 2013

Sadly, there is no before. 

Over the last few months I've saved many photos of darling painted dressers and
chests of drawers but either there were no 'before' shots or I've misplaced them.

In my own defense - I've saved over 3,000 photos and it's a little hard to keep
the Befores matched up with the Afters.  So, even though I can't show you what
the pieces looked like before their makeovers, I think you'll still enjoy the 'afters':

Used dressers and chests of drawers are some of the most affordable pieces
of furniture.  Usually priced under $50, they're economical, versatile, and
blank canvas of possibilities.  Unleash your inner artist!

Whether you're into plain paint, decoupage or free-hand design, a paint bucket,
a brush, and your imagination go a long way in a transformation project.

Remember - hardware is an essential element of any piece of furniture.

The next time you're out thrifting and run across a lonely
dresser or chest of drawers, think of the possibilities.


  1. Oh lovely inspiration! I've got a cabinet that I'd like to upcycle this summer... I've got lots of nice ideas whizzing around my head now :) thanks

  2. Very nice makeovers! Now I won't look at a chest of drawers the same way again! xo

  3. OMG!!! They are all amazing!! Oh the possibilities!

  4. I also love these incredible designs! One dresser is more creative than the next, and they are sure to brighten up any room!


  5. I just came across a photo of a beautifully used dresser with a marble top. I was convincing myself I did not have to drive across town to buy it. Darn you!!!