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June 13, 2013

Lately I've been crushing on rustic barn doors.  They've been mad popular
for years and I'm just now catchin' the fever?  What's with that? 

Maybe it's because they're rugged and solid and durable and timeless.
Or maybe it's because they're completely charming.

And what's even cooler than a barn door on a barn?  A barn door in a house, of course.

Replace those dated louvered closet and pantry
doors with reproduction barn door sliders.

Hammers & High Heels
Isn't this a darling headboard?  If you're considering new 'big boy' decor
for your little buckeroo keep 'barn rustic' in mind.  It will last well into his teens
while providing an array of color and texture options over the years.

Some people might be a little puzzled by your 
inventiveness in domesticating a barn door but just look
them in the eye and say, "baaaaaarn doors are the rage."


  1. Ha ha, that last one made me smile! I do love the look of using the barn doors. Very nice! xo

  2. Very nice post. Love all of the uses of the barn doors. Lynda

  3. You and my mom could be besties and I would be along for the ride, rolling my eyes. So glad to have stumbled upon your blog.