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June 17, 2013

Good morning, Repurposing Devotees!
Let's kick off the week with a little upcycle inspiration.

What are some of the most plentiful and inexpensive items
you'll find in thrift stores?  You're right - china plates.

These china clocks are darling and they make great gifts, too.

Don't you love this impromptu cake plate?

Old drawers make charming shadow boxes especially
when they're lined with vintage ephemera.

Painting drawers and rolling them out of sight is another
clever way to give yourself more storage options.

An old crate, two dowels, door knobs and a faucet handle
were used to make this handy ribbon dispenser.

Believe it or not, a pawn shop is one of the best sources
for finding old drums. This one was made into a beautiful
end table by simply adding a glass top.

If you run across two pairs of industrial casters
consider using them to make a distressed coffee table.

If you make a coffee table you'll need something as equally
repurposeful as wine bottle candle holders to put on it.

This next project blew my mind:
How 'patio practical' is that?!

Cool Recycling
Know what this tray was in a previous life?  A kitchen cabinet
door!  Where is a great source for finding used cabinet
doors? That's right - a Habitat For Humanity thrift shop.

Oxyd Factory has launched the Oxyd Project - converting parts of vintage
cars that are beyond restoring into beautiful, oxidized pieces of furniture.

Oxyd Project

Below, the table to the left is a panel from a 1961 AMC Rambler
and the sofa table, right, is from a 1968 Mercury pick up truck.

This next project combines the two things that fleaChic
loves the most - Before & After photos and repurposing:

  Before                                                                               After

The Prairie Homestead
An $8 thrift store headboard was transformed into a unique chalkboard.

I hope today's projects will inspire you to consider repurposing the next time
you're in the market for a new piece of home decor.  Make it a great Monday!


  1. Wow, so much lovely stuff! I think the clocks and the drawers are my favourite... I neeeed some drawers like that in my life :)

    1. The clocks are one of my favorites, too. It's such a simple idea but totally charming. -- Jan

  2. WOW - WOW - AND - WOW ! ! !
    I can not even pick a favorite . . .what fabulous ideas.
    Thanks for putting this marvelous post together.
    You Rock!!!
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

    1. Connie, you always say the nicest things - thanks for the encouragement. -- Jan

  3. This is an AMAZING blog article! There are too many ideas at once to be excited about!
    The China plates, The cabnit door... the wine bottles!!!!
    I want to give all 3 of those a go... up cycling is so important to our planet... Thank you for the ideas!
    Tammy xx

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