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August 27, 2012

Want to know a secret?  I'm small-minded.  No, not in my opinions or values.  In an I-like-small-spaces
kind of way:  elevators, closets,
MRIs, attic eaves.  Whatever is
opposite of claustrophobic, that's
me.  I feel completely comfortable
in small spaces.




I have pantry-envy every time I look at this photo! 
Small bathrooms can pack a big punch.


What tremendous dreams a little girl
could have in this cozy cubby.

A Vintage Summer
This studio apartment underneath the
eaves is charming and efficient.

My Nottinghill
You're probably thinking, "This isn't small."
Well, it's actually a photograph of half of a house!
That's right - it's a 700 sq. ft. cottage that really
packs a lot of design into a small space.

The Little Corner

Yes, little spaces can accommodate big dreams.

1 comment:

  1. wow - awesome photos!! i love the 700 sq foot would be perfect for me as i only have 550 sq feet now!! the bunk beds and little girl's room with all the twinkle lights are so cute too.