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August 23, 2012

Through the marvels of modern technology I'm posting from the beautiful
State of Minnesota.  Wait - wasn't I just in Maryland?!   Drove back home
to Florida on Monday then caught a flight to Minneapolis.  Have family,
will travel!

                      So, what do we feel like looking at today?
                            How about some Befores & Afters?

Most of you know that one of my favorite blogs is Better After.   Lindsey
does an incredible job of posting her own projects and as well as those of
her readers.  Here are a few transformations that she recently featured:

A blank wall, regardless of its beauty, is a torture to a creative person. 

Interior walls aren't the only ones that can receive a 'faux' finish:

What can $7.50 buy at a thrift store? An old metal cabinet that was artfully
turned into an Industrial Chic bathroom sink!

               Oh, dear - from barely salvageable to divine polka dots!

From the street to the parlor; from the trash heap to a family treasure!

We all know that you just can't beat garage sales for spectacular finds.
Here are four painfully plain chairs and a mis-matched, desperately-
in-need-of-TLC table . . . . . . . .
Gretchen's Garage


                                 . . . . . . that are now ready for any cottage decor.

Look at the beauty that Meg Schmitt, at Never a Dull Day, brought out of this dated hutch:

And, it's hard to believe that these two 'before' kitchen photos . . . . . .

                . . . . . .  are of the same 'after' kitchen:

                                                   The Haws Family Blog

I hope these amazing transformations will inspire you to tackle your own remodeling project soon.


  1. I like everything featured in this post! That kitchen is a real winner though.

  2. WOW, that kitchen transformation is something else! AWESOME! Roxie

  3. Oooh these are great!! I love a good "before and after"... so amazing what people can do!


  4. Wow, loving these makeovers. Inspiration for sure! x

  5. Mi viene voglia di cambiare tutta la casa!!!