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August 2, 2012

Let's give a shout-out to our USA Olympic team.  The sacrifices these athletes 
and their families make are immeasurable and we sincerely applaud their efforts.

That being said, I'm feeling a little quirky British influence today . . . . . 

How devine it would be go to flea-tiquing
throughout the British countryside. . . . sigh.

But let's take a look at a few recently completed
Before & After projects a little closer to home:

Before:                                                                     After:

Before:                                                 After:



What an amazing transformation.  A little sanding, a little
staining, a little painting - make a HUGE difference!

Inspires you to go out and tackle your own
Before & After project, doesn't it?  Enjoy!


  1. Honestly, couldn't get beyond the thought of flea-tiquing in Great Britain! sign me up!
    Fab before & after projects!

  2. Hi Sarajan: I just had to come over and see what's going on. It's always a very fun adventure. The Brits were literally wrapped in their flag during the Jubilee. I feel the same way about Old Glory on the 4th of July! Thanks for letting us visit.

  3. You've got a brilliant blog!Really colourful and full of great ideas.I'll be back for another visit!