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August 10, 2012

While they're not everyone's 'cup of tea', portraits have been a part of mankind's
efforts to document the people who surround him since our ancestors drew on
cave walls.  Incorporating one into any decorating scheme is visually arresting
and extremely cool.



If you have a chance to flea market or thrift shop this weekend,
keep an eye out for portraits.  Whether you find antique, vintage or
contemporary portraits in oils or pastels, consider making the investment.
And remember - for decorating purposes, it's okay to buy ancestors!


  1. I love these! Thanks for sharing with us how you can use portraits in so many different ways! My favorite was the "Home and Lifestyle" room! Love those colors!

  2. Hola Sarajan!
    Hope you and yours are doing well. What a lovely post! Wow! My favorite is the "Home and Lifestyle" living room. I love the bright colors! Just a short note to let you know that I've nominated you for The Versatile Award. You definiely deserve it. Congratz! Tootles!


  3. These spaces are brilliant! I adore meeting creative blogging sisters and the process of sharing ideas and encouraging one another. You have so many marvelous ideas and I am totally intrigued with your blog. I am your newest follower. Come on over and see what I've been doing. I love company and my welcome mat is always out. Connie :)

  4. I agree...portraits are a great addition to any room. You have some WONDERFUL images here that show how portraits can be used in rooms of all sizes. MY favorites are the Home Bunch, Old Archetype, and Mulberry Home. Thanks for sharing. Lisa

  5. Wow, your photos were great! Really inspired me to look for these next time I'm out antiquing.
    By the way, love your blog and just nominated you for a blogger award. Come on over and check it out..

  6. Great post and I love your blog! Thanks for sharing. :) amal