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November 9, 2011

Simply Beautiful

Regardless of our different decorating styles we all love beautiful things.  And there is beauty in simplicity. 

Maybe one of the reason that I love antique and vintage furniture is that it is timeless and, often, simple. 

Some people assume that if you decorate with vintage items that the result will be a 'shabby chic' type of decor.   You'll see in these lovely photographs that the result can actually be simple elegant and sophisticated decorating moments. 

Images:  1 & 2 A Flair for Vintage; 3 Tara Slogett; 4 Traditional Living; 5 Decor Pad; 6 Betsy Burham Designs; 7 Brierly-Drake Associates; 8 Home Sweet Style; 9 Jackye Lanham; 10 Rue Magazine; 11 Meg Braff Interiors; 12 & 13 Jonathan Adler; 14 -16 Katie Rosenfeld Designs; 17 Southern Living

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