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November 1, 2011

November - let the serious Holiday Season begin!

Today is November 1st and you know what that means - only 61 days left in the year to get your Procrastination Projects finished!  Need a little inspiration?  Well, here it is!

Let's start with a little Before and After.

Remember those funky little stacked
stool sets from the 70's?  They're back
and funkier than ever.  If you're lucky
enough to find a set, get creative:


                                        A little sandpaper . . . . . . . .


There are very few situations where a staple gun
doesn't come  in handy!

An hour later, and - Voile!  fleaChic!

We're just getting started -

I've actually seen abandoned chairs similar to this 'before' on the side of the road.  Stop and pick it up!


Yes, your grandmother probably did have a set of these adorable, stacked tables.  Go get them out of her attic and get to work!

Framed chalk boards are uber chic and incredibly practical.

The wonderful folks at Spruce in Austin, Texas, are dedicated to refurbishing vintage furniture.  This 60's sectional was in pretty sad shape when it came into their shop but is now a beautiful and charming set in their showroom.

Just about every thrift shop in America has in-cabinet televisions from the 1970's for sale.  You can usually pick them up for a song because . . . . well . . . they're less than attractive.  Not any more!

Who could have believed that this old Morrocan-styled stuffed chair could be transformed into a modern statement piece?!
Whether big or small, the hardest part of any job is just getting started.  Don't let this year slip away without taking on a project that is fun, satisfying, and, of course, fleaChic!
Images:  Classic Clutter; Bad Rabbit Vintage; Spruce; My Ordinary Life; Infarrantly Creative

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