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November 10, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday, Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book

Fifty years ago the Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book was published.  Considered the 'decorating Bible' in 1961, it reflected America's energy and enthusiasm for the space program, technology, and all things modern. 

Let's take a look at the style and design of 1961 - the early part of one of the most important and exciting decades in history.

 How daring and innovative - dark walls and 
black and white framed photographs.

 The original Conversation Pit

Most of these photographs represented the average, 
middle class 1961 American dream: a tract home 
with 8 foot ceilings, 'fake' wood paneling, 
dark stained doors and trim, and wall-to-wall carpet.

 Love the hanging light fixtures.

The photo is blurred but the sofa fabric is 
actually a western print - maybe due 
to the popularity of Bonanza on TV?

Early track lighting - radical!


The indoor pet of choice was a white poodle.

Many of the light fixtures and furnishings 
in 1961 reflected The Space Age

 I'm kind of crushing on this sofa and lamps.

 The introduction of the Bachelor Pad

This reproduction Chippendale dresser is the only 
homage to anything antique-related.  Everything 
was new, New, NEW!

It's hard to believe that the darling baby featured 
on the cover of the April, 1961, Better Homes 
and Gardens magazine is now 50 years old!  
And, his beautiful mother and handsome 
father are in their 70s.  Original issues of 
past publications can be found on eBay and 
Amazon and are relatively inexpensive.  

Thanks for joining me on this walk down 
Memory Lane - it's one of my favorite streets!

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