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November 16, 2011

It's Before and After Wednesday!

There really are very few things as motivating as Before and After photos:

 Possibly one of the saddest, most forelorn
dressers I've seen in a long time.

Oh, Hail, yeah, to the Queen!!!!  Amazing transformation -
just a little sandpaper, tape, and paint.  

What can you do with a funky
70's octagon end table?

Just get tons of storage out of it!


It's hard to believe that this is the same bedroom, isn't it?  The little bamboo end tables were $5 each (Salvation Army Thrift Store) accented by complimentary unframed prints from Ross's ($12 for the set.)  Wow. 

Before - pitiful, outdated credenza . . . . . .

After - by painting and flipping the position of the cabinet doors and drawers, the credenza is now a compliment to any home.

I can't remember which famous designer said this but I totally agree: Your home MUST have at least one black statement piece in every room."

Got an old, empty sewing cabinet
hanging around in your garage 
or basement?
                       Break out the paint brush!


 Who says vintage cedar chests are
unattractive and outdated?

I'm prepared to bestow The Ugly Duckling of the Year Award 
on the following Before 'n After:

An abandoned gun cabinet found on the side of the road and a dresser waiting for the garbage man . . . . . .

The dresser was
used as a base
for the cabinet
and the drawer pulls were replaced. 

Simply unbelivable
what you can accommplish
with imagination
and elbow grease!

Here is a darling idea for turning a less-than-attractive credenza
into a sophisticated changing table for the nursery:

Yes, even a nursery can have a black statement piece!
Sources:  Sweet Pickins'; Better After; Dwelling and Decor

Apparently I'm obsessed with 60's credenzas today.  If you haven't noticed TONS of them loitering at thrift stores and flea markets then you simply just aren't looking.  Here are a few photos that will inspire you to take a second glance at those mid-Century treasures:

  Sources:  Walls and A Roof; Diego LaDino Designs; House Beautiful; Steven Gambrel Interiors; Wood Love

Unused space in any home is completely unacceptable.  After viewing these photos you'll be looking around your house for cubbies that can be transformed!
1.  An ordinary hallway

2.  Ugly 'innards' under the stairs

3.  Trimmed out cubby entrance
One of the most clever uses of under-the-stairs space I've
ever seen and a wonderful place to store toys. 
NOTE:  definitely not to be used for time-out.  It's way too much fun! 
Source:  Little Green Notebook

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