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November 3, 2011

Mission Statement

One thing I've learned about blogging is that it's easy to get distracted from your Mission Statement - the reason you began blogging in the first place.  

The purpose for launching fleaChic was to help spread the love of antique and vintage decor, show repurposed furniture and accessories in clever and unique ways, and inspire the reduction of waste by upcycling discarded items - all while saving money and bargain hunting!  Oh, and, P.S. - fleaChic involves a LOT of DIY.

Normally I wouldn't feature a project that wasn't complete but this idea is simply too delicious not to share.  Every 6 year old little girl should think she's a princess and this repurposing will help fuel her imagination.

The folks at My Ordinary Life turned an ordinary, salvaged dresser into the base of a Princess and the Pea theme:

A discarded, plain dresser was stripped and reinforced.

  The drawers were repaired and painted.

Note the embellishments on the
drawers and the sturdy pulls.
                             Cute (outdated) stool

                                                               Cute (updated) stool!

How darling AND practical is this raised bed?  Talk about storage!  By combining the bed with the dresser, the small bedroom now has lots more space.  (Yes, the parents will provide a bed rail.)  What a great foundation for a fairy tale themed room.

The second project I want to share with you comes from Elizabeth at Peacock Feathers.  An event planner and stylist, Elizabeth loves bold colors and bright prints.  While remaining true to her eclectic and charming decor, she needed to find a way to incorporate a storage space for her new hubby, Kevin. 

Recipe for Charming

             Ingredients                                      Directions:
             imagination                                     sand, repair, paint
             one discarded old armoire                         
             sandpaper, spackle, paint                
             new hardware

Elizabeth and Kevin live and work in Philadelphia
so she lined the armoire with maps of the area.
Could not be more fleaChic!

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