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October 1, 2011

Welcome, October

      Autumn is the most wonderful of seasons.  The colors are
      brilliant, the air is crisp, SEC football fever is raging and
      inspiration is all around us. 

      Do you catch yourself looking at a picture, photo or painting
      and try to guess what season it is just by the colors?

 I imagine this tabby's name is Stretch.  And he can  
 obviously sleep anywhere.  He is definitely a Fall cat.

  October should be
  Catober because
  I always think
  of cats when I
  think of October.

  Who should I talk
  to about suggesting
  that change?

Jewel tones and earth tones make me think of Fall.  Darker walls and cozy spaces prod our hibernation instincts as we look for our caves, the places we prepare to settle down in for the winter - to read, read, read.  And nap.

The variety of frames gives this grouping an interesting and unique look. 
The gray background is perfect for showcasing the art and gently
transcends into the lucious grape sectional.

While I don't
have a red wall
in my home,
I love red walls. 
The paisley drapes
and tufted ottoman
pull the look
together.  LOVE
the pillows and
the beautiful

The yellow bold painting provides the
perfect balance to this somber decor.

A 'surprise' color in a decorating scheme
is fun and unexpected.  Ochres and gold
are exceptional surprises.  Painting the
pumpkin highlight in the ceiling brings
the eye upward and gives a more
symmeterical look to the space.

Images:  Droll Girl;; Colorful and Beautiful;; David Hicks Interiors; Compulsively Compiled; Graphics Fairy

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