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October 19, 2011

Adieu, beach

As we packed up and drove away from the beach I felt as if I had left something very heavy behind - emotional garbage that I've accumulated and drug behind me for several months. 

It's so life affirming to stand on the shore and watch the ceaseless rhythm of the waves.  Sigh.  

The carefree charm of beach decor is probably why I love it so much - casual, relaxing, and easy.  Isn't that how we want our lives to be?  

Spray paint an old suitcase
or chest, find a mismatched
deck chair, hang a few oars
and, voile - beach decor!

       Is it possible to over do 'casual' at the beach?  No!
  I'm so glad I'm not the only one who lets magazines pile up.

Just about any shade of blue is a great backdrop for beach decor.

Vintage bamboo furniture from the '50s and '60s
has become very collectible - the shabbier, the better!

Did I have time for a little treasure hunting?  Absolutely!  Coastal consignment shops abound in beach towns and the prices are so very reasonable.  'Beach' is a state of mind that never goes out of style!

Don't you LOVE this vintage kiddie boat ride?  According to the shop owner, it still works.


Old painted tin sculpted into beach art.  Notice the fish in the sea gull's mouth?!

I know what you're thinking - these salty old porthole covers would make great clock surrounds.

Wouldn't this old crab trap make a charming coffee table?

Steamer trunk, propeller, brass compass, troller lantern, ship's
wheel - all would be wonderful beach accessories.

And, now, for my own personal reveal !
The television in our condo was quite old and on the small side so
we decided to replace it with the Queen Mother of All 52" TVs. 
The problem?  It was too large to fit in the entertainment center. 
Solution?  Shopping trip to find a replacement.

Before, in the funky junky store - neglected, forgotten, forlorn.

After:  a Mid-Century credenza bursting with pride to be useful
and beautiful, again!  (We did tack up the ugly cables, wires and
electronic miscellany after the photo was taken.)  Doesn't
it look sleek and efficient? And, yes, so very fleaChic!

Before we knew it, it was time to
pack up and return to the real world.

Goodbye, beach.

Goodbye, little seagull who hung
out on our balcony.

Goodbye, heavy burdens.


Hello, home. 

Images:  Frankly Esoteric; EatLiveShop; Eloise Walker Designs; Country Living; Lifeologia

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