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October 20, 2011

Flea Marketeers - Justification!!!!

Urban myths about purchases made at flea markets and thrift stores turning out to be priceless treasures abound.  Today, justification! 

A gentleman bought a painting for $4 at a flea market outside of Philadelphia.  He realized the painting was damaged beyond salvaging but said he made the purchase because he liked the frame. 

While removing the backing from the painting, a folded piece of paper fell out.  As he opened the document he realized that it was a copy of the Declaration of Independence. 

After having it appraised he discovered that it was only one of 22 known copies of the original, 1776 first printing of the document to exist.  At a Sotheby's auction it was bought by an American collector for $2,400,000.00. 

Another copy of the Declaration of Independence, bought last year at a Nashville thrift store for less than $3, sold at auction for $477,650.  Michael Sparks, a music equipment technician, sold the document at Raynors' Historical Collectible Auctions in Burlington, N.C.

Less rare but still valuable, the document turned out to be an "official copy" of the Declaration of Independence commissioned by John Quincy Adams in 1820 when he was Secretary of State. 

Sparks found his bargain while browsing at Music City Thrift Shop. When he asked the price of the yellowed, shellacked, rolled-up document, a clerk marked it at $2.48 plus tax.  Check the story here.

I love fleaChic $torie$ with happy ending$!

Yesterday I indulged in some thrift shop hopping and am pleased to present some of the treasures I came across:

 I love this metal trunk.  It's just the right height to be a coffee table.  Decorating a boy's bedroom is challenging - trunks such as this one make great bedside tables and provide lots of storage. 

My cell phone photo makes this 1960's custom made sofa looked stained
but it isn't - it's in perfect condition.  Love the curved shape. 
Glorious in its vintageness.  And, only $75 !

Check out this accent chair.  The green
striped fabric would be the ideal compliment to
the sofa above.  All of the chairs were on sale
and none were over $50!



A vintage  Irvinware cocktail shaker for only $1.00 which is selling on eBay ( here )  for $30 - so fleaChic!


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