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October 12, 2011

Mid Week Imagination

Converting an old china cabinet
into shelving for fabric or
quilts is completely charming.

Because I need a little motivation in the imagination department, we're going to devote today to the ever popular topic of repurposefulness:

I love this idea - storing bread and bagels
in a vintage utility box!

                                  Old wooden milk crates stacked together make a charming bookcase.

You're right - it wood would (!) take a cabin theme to effectively use this tree limb as a coat, shirt or sweater rack.  But you have to admit - it's clever and so repurposeful!

At first glance I wondered, "Why is that dog tied to a vintage, industrial cart?"  Then I noticed that his doggie bed was made out of an old dresser drawer.  (The leash is just looped around the cart, not attached to the pooch.)  He looks pretty comfortable, doesn't he?  

While I've seen a ton of headboards made from shutters, this example
shows a slightly different approach by using two different colors - it pulls
the eye upward and gives an illusion of height in the room.  Antique
book cabinets make wonderful settings for any collection.

We've all seen abandoned and beautiful china soup tureens at thrift shops and flea markets.  And, we're all guilty of tossing necklaces on the dresser and not putting them back in the jewelry box.  This is a great way to at least 'corral' our accessories in one spot pot!

Converting the
vintage secretary
on the left into a
bar for entertaining
is so very fleaChic!

Another example
of turning a china
cabinet into useful
storage and display

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.  This shelving is made from miscellaneous end tables cut in half!   Anyone who knows me knows that I am not partial to dayglo purple but I admit that in the right setting (uber contemporary) this quirky, clever idea is not only kitschy, it's also functional.

I loveLoveLOVE this idea - using an old workbench as an entertainment center.
Not only does this massive piece distract the eye from the huge TV but - get
ready for this - the DVD player is hidden in one of the vintage suitcases!!

Images:  Country Living; Artie Vanderpool Designs; Frankly Esoteric; Jilly & Mia; Seducing Serendipity; Design Sponge

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