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September 25, 2011

Sunday musings . . . . . .

Remember the photo of the bird's nest I posted on Labor Day?  While cleaning out the garage I came across this abandoned nest of eggs, perched high on a storage shelf.  Apparently we had lowered the garage door while Mama Bird was outside and she never returned.

Boy, it was some nest - not just leaves and twigs but lint, string and some discarded ribbon.  Instinctively striving to construct the most durable, safest and warmest nest possible, Ms. Bird also added decorative embellishments that only Mother Nature can understand.

The East room as it had been called .... was now considered Fanny's, almost as decidedly as the white attic;—to this  nest of comforts  Fanny now walked down to try its influence on an agitated, doubting spirit  
                                                                               Jane Austen's Mansfield Park, Chapter 16

Interior decorators and designers boldly splash their imagination and creativity across clients' homes and offices, their nests.

The product of their labors is where people live their lives - eating, sleeping, working, entertaining, crying, communicating, laughing, loving - amid the art and craft of concerted efforts to give rise to surroundings that are stylish, unique, reflect the personality of their client, and, usually, within a defined budget.

Other than our bodies, our homes are the closest material way we have of exhibiting to the world our internal feelings - showing our interior skin.

Our homes scream, "This is who I am, what I feel, where I seek shelter from the world.  This is what comforts me and gives me the inspiration I need to confront my demons every day."

These rooms are the canvases of our lives.

You hand someone a brush and whisper, "Paint me."


Unfortunately, my husband can live in a tent down by the river if the extention cord to the big screen tv is long enough.  sigh . . . . .

Images:  Architectural Digest, Aubrey Road for Elle Decor, Bo Laget, Brenda Acuncius, Caitlin Wilson Design, Bri Emery, Door Sixteen, Electric Revisited, Fasteign

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