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September 24, 2011

It's a wordy kind of day . . . . . . .

Sorry, peeps.  I'm feelin' kind of verbal today.  When I began the blog I was committed to posting beautiful and interesting pictures without a lot of chatty comments.  In an age of instant electronic communication and 24/7 visual stimulation, many people like big photos and few words.  Allow me this indulgence.

Those who know me well - yes, all five of my devoted followers! - understand my lifelong obsession with all things related to interior decorating and design.  As a young girl I longed for a frilly, chintz-smothered bedroom.  Instead, I brooded and wrote terrible poetry surrounded by neon posters of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones. 

The very first purchase I made with the very first paycheck I ever earned was an antique lady's oak writing desk trimmed with BirdseyeMaple veneer.  I was 16 years old and worked in the Sears Toy Department.  Actually, I put the desk on layaway at an antique shop and religiously paid $10 a week until it was mine.

I remember my Mother saying at the time, "Oak is the poor man's wood of choice."

Back then thrift shops were practically giving away vintage oak furniture at ridiculously low prices.  Times changed and today my Mom has several beautiful antique oak pieces in her lovely home. 

Whatever happened to the little desk?  It sits proudly in my living room, faithfully having tagged along with me for over 40 years, through two marriages, children, grandchildren and many, many moves. 

Hanging above it is a charming, vintage hand-sketched portrait of a pensive-looking woman.  And, yes, I found it for $2 in a thrift shop!

So, there you have it - an  (almost brief)  explanation of the beginnings of my fascination with all things decorating-related, especially antiques and vintage items.

Now, on to the pretty pictures . . . . . . . .


Citing the earlier reference to the posters I hung in my bedroom during my teen-angster years, they're making a comeback.  Yes, posters!   No, not life-size photos of aging rock stars mounted on
the wall with push-pins. 

Framed, sophisticated prints of quotations, events and vintage advertisements:


House Beautiful, Miles Redd, photographer

Oh, my God - I wonder if Mom throw out my neon Jim Morrison poster?!

Back by popular demand -
                startling Before and After photos!

Kate at is one of us - a bargain hunter, design lover, and incurable DIYer. On her site she features an amazing transformation of three old pieces of furniture she found in a thrift shop into a wonderful grouping for her young son's bedroom:

Fast forward a week and $25 in supplies -

What's really charming is that the table is actually a light blue chalk board! Not only can her little boy use this table as a work station, he can actually draw on it. Check out Kate's step-by-step progress on this project here.  Not just darling, the entire project is fleaChic!

Have a great weekend-end, friends!
Images:  Inspiration Feed, Colorful Homes, Home Life, Kelly McCaleb,

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