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September 27, 2011

Industrial Chic, Part Deux

The bare beauty of Industrial Chic commands
the center of attention in any decorating scheme with stark, clean lines and
functional, yet, irresistably
masculine charm.

Clustered Chandelier
of vintage industrial lamps
designed by Clayton Gray, $895


Whether used as the main decorating focus or dropped
one delicious vintage nugget at a time into a traditional
setting, elements of IC provide the constrast needed to
accent layers of raw materials.

          metal chairs,
          neon fixtures,
          and caster wheels
          are common
          elements in the
          allure of
          Industrial Chic.


A bank vault door to guard the wine cellar is brilliant
for keeping out vintage-wine-stealing cat burglars!

    Through the use of
    a neutral palette for
    the back drop, the
    metal elements in
    IC appear softer
    and less glaring in


Laboratory stools are chic,
plentiful and inexpensive.

 Almost any manufacturing part or machinery piece makes a great paper weight.

The desk, chair, and industrial light fixture (rt)
were found at a local thrift shop - all
3 pieces were priced at under $20.

Not your mother's
split level any more!

Images:  Decor Pad, Dept. of the Interior, Design Crisis, Elding Oscarson, Emelie Almhager, Ferm Living, The Chum, The Steward, houzz, Mesa & Sillas, Design Sponge

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