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September 20, 2011

The Manly Arts

Although most entertaining is self-serve when it comes to drinks, the manly art of bartending is a long standing tradition.   Be creative in the alcohol zone and express your inner fleaChicness!  

LOVE the idea of turning an antique desk into a serving area.
Just make sure you have a glass top to protect the wood.

 The bucket of corks in the bottom right-hand
corner adds a charming touch.

 The 'tough guy' expression on this man's face makes
this vintage painting the perfect bar accessory.
Thrift shops abound with portraits at reasonable prices.

Whether prominently positioned or tucked away in a corner,
the perfect bar is well stocked with an array of liquors, spirits
and devilish temptations.  The crackled mirror draws the guests
to this charming 'watering hole'.

So sophisticated - the sterling tray adds a touch
of elegance and panache.

What a clever idea - converting a vintage radio into a bar. 
The antique file cabinet makes a brilliant side table.
Repurposing is so very fleaChic!

Images top to bottom:  House Beautiful, Sketch 42, Slightly Pretentious, designer Steven Gambrell, The Peak of Chic, The Selby

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