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September 5, 2014

Oh, Friday, I could give you a big, wet kiss!

Seriously, I am glad for Friday to get here so that I can share some
awesome Before & After projects with you.  Let's get started.

A Parisian apartment was given the makeover it deserved:

The D Pages
Whoever painted the wood and installed the turquoise
carpet in 1970 should be tracked down and prosecuted.

Sarah of 702 Park Project is chronicling her family's restoration of a faded southern beauty in North Carolina.  Check out the results of their hard work:
Before                                           After
The front view, above, is stunning, but look
at the difference in the back of the house:

Stop by Sarah's adorable blog and read the details
of her impressive renovation adventure.

Warning:  I'm about to release some
shock and awe so prepare yourself:
 Attic space before

Attic space after
I know!  Unbelievable.

Here we have a sweet simple desk:

. . . . that is now so sophisticated:

Sometimes you have to take on a room re-do one
piece at a time.  Notice the desk in the center?

Love Grows Wild
Bet you notice it now!

Link to Love Grows Wild
A $5 office chair went from ordinary to extraordinary.

Christa of Stories of a House has a passion for DIY-ing and her makeovers are always amazing.  She's written a wonderful how-to book about refinishing furniture called Guide to Furniture Finishes.  Here are just a couple of examples of her successes:

Beautiful and so fleaChic!

 Sad, sad, sad:

Happy, happy, happy!

Christy of Confessions of a Serial DIY-er ran across an interesting unfinished project (yea, we know all about those!) and only had to pay $5 for it:

She performed her magic and now the bench is utterly delightful.

Next we have a MidCentury Modern cabinet that
was screaming for a makeover.  Boy, did it get one:

Design Sponge

Think this flea market find is beyond saving?

Think again:
Design Sponge
I love the fact that the wheels were left on the chair.

The photos below are a perfect example of how
painting brick can completely transform a house:

A dated split-foyer needed a contemporary update:

Hardly looks like the same house.

Very few houses have butler pantries so it's refreshing
to find one that was decorated so beautifully:

House Beautiful

Realtors agree that the two rooms of a house that
help it sell are the kitchen and the bathroom.

DIY Showoff

Without a doubt decks are a great addition to any
home.  Unfortunately, this one was in sorry shape:


But not any more.

This completely blank backyard canvas . . . . .

. . . . was transformed into an entertaining oasis:

Fast and Furious: this kitchen was given
a makeover in just ONE weekend:

Love Taza
Painted cabinets:  check
New counter top:  check
Hundreds of magnets on the dishwasher:  check

I hope you're inspired today's Before & After projects.
Have a great weekend!

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