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September 24, 2014

Looking for some unusual, interesting, cool, and
inexpensive wall art ideas?  You've just found 'em.

"Just another thing
hanging over your head."

A pair of blank canvases were painted with a simple daisy.

Framed copies of vintage Barbie gown sketches make
a charming background in this elegant bedroom.

A collection of baskets became kitchen wall art.

For the adventurous lady traveler, consider a
world map folded in the shape of a dress.

Cut a map into sections then frame
and hang them out of order.

Frame a map of the U.S. and use string or yarn to designate
the flight paths across the country to loved ones.

A reproduction of an antique map was cut
to fit inside a beautiful, unique frame.

A solid black poster was hung inside an
elegant antique frame.  Sophisticated? 

Climbing vines are living, growing art.

Incorporate hobbies like cycling into your decor:


Such a great idea for a climbing wall - the hand and foot
holds are secured picture frames, mirrors, and decorative items.
Now that's cool wall art.


  1. Oh those barbie sketches would look splendid in my new sewing room and that folded dress from map is gorgous!!!!

    1. I didn't realize they were Barbie clothes until I read the article I linked. Barbie has always been one sharp dresser!

  2. Wow, great!!! Love the baskets and.. and.. and... Great post. Funny enough I made those paper clothes recently!!!
    Thank you for inspiring me!!!
    All my best from Austria

  3. A great reminder to think creatively about wall art!