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September 2, 2014

Don't you feel sorry for the day after a holiday?

It's especially bad for September 2nd - it's the official date
to stop wearing white and patent leather shoes and purses.   

Surely there's a better reason to celebrate September 2nd?!

Bet you don't know that the first ATM was introduced on September 2, 1969, at Chemical Bank in Rockville  Center, Long Island, New York.

While I doubt that any of us could find a vintage ATM for sale at a flea market or thrift shop, there are tons of old office machines showing up on the market.  And, boy, are they becoming collectible.

A Burroughs portable adding machine, ca 1930

You can't get more basic than this 1933 Victor adding machine.

Old office equipment has a tendency to look darkly industrial but occasionally you'll run across a colorful piece.

This big boy is a precursor to our modern day computer:

One Kings Lane offers this 1900 Burroughs
adding machine for $199:

Better Homes and Gardens
A battered old typewriter adds
character to any cottage decor.

The 1890 Blickensderfer typewriter, below,
just sold for $300:

Large metal file cabinets are still plentiful and relatively inexpensive:
A vintage metal filing cabinet, an old door, and
a neon 'a' combine to make a charming office.

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If you're thinking about a decor change,
consider vintage office equipment.  

And, remember - the date after a holiday is worth celebrating, too!


  1. Fun pictures, though I never paid much mind to that white thing. Just silly to me.

    1. It's wonderful that today's fashion 'rules' aren't as strict as they were when I was growing up. (Actually, are there any rules today?!) I have a beautiful pair of white wool slacks that I can't wait to break out when the weather gets cool.

  2. what really no white? there was a holiday ? wouldn't know it around here......
    Jan I just read your bio although I have been here many times I guess I never read it.....I had a great laugh! Thanks....

  3. What no white! Say it isn't so! Cute post today and love all the vintage office stuff. Have a great start to the week.

    1. Isn't it amazing that today's office equipment is so much more stream lined and compact than machines from the past? Not to mention faster!

  4. The Labor Day fashion rule works many places but not in the very hot desert were I live.
    And a big no patent leather shoes ever here. To much heat, sand and dirt.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. When we lived in Florida we wore 'vacation' clothes year round. I did miss the change of seasons but it was a lot less expensive to only have one warm-weather wardrobe.