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August 22, 2013

Junk Yard Art - antiques of the future?
A sculpture outside the Mechanical Engineering
Department of York University, England.

Lithuanian artist Severija Incirauskaite creates
interesting and unusual pieces by cross-stitching
on metal objects such watering cans and car doors.
A repurposed chandelier crystal
brings a bit of whimsy to this
garden sculpture.

Sometimes called Trash Art, Junk Art is comprised of 'found' or
discarded objects which are incorporated into a sculpture or other
creation.  The movement became popular in the 1990s but elements
of Junk Art can be traced back to the early 1900s.
Hands On Art Studio 


Plier Dog by Rust About Creations

The Tin Man - I love it!


Lightnin' Salvage of Gainesville, Florida, is a junk lover's paradise.
Established in 1989, it started out as a salvage shop but over the
years has evolved into a bona fide museum of art created from junk. 

    Before                                                          After
The museum moved to its present location
in 2006 and has been growing ever since.

Philadelphia artist Leo Sewell has been creating junk art for over 50 years.  As a child he liked the "excitement of tinkering" with junk he found during walks in the woods and at nearby dumps.
Sewell earned a B.A. in Business and a Masters in Art History at the University of Delaware where he wrote his thesis on The Use of Found Objects in Dada and Surrealism

A prolific artist, Sewell has produced over 4,000 works of art and many have been exhibited at the  American Visionary Art Museum, the Shonandai Cultural Center (Fujisawa, Japan), Museo de Sera International (Madrid, Spain), Philadelphia's Please Touch Museum, and the Chicago Children's Museum. Sewell is a member and co-founder of the artists group called the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers.

               Junk in a museum?  Huh, I'll believe that when . . . . . .
. . . . . never mind.


  1. Hi Jan! I just love all these photos, especially the one with the crystal coming out of the faucet. I do love the sparkle stuff!

    My husband would love to poke through all the junk yards, and I have to admire the way these artists have repurposed. It all looks so original, bless their creative hearts!

    Happy Thursday!

    1. Tromping through a salvage yard sounds like paradise to me! My favorite of today's photos is the bucket and the crystal water drop - so imaginative. Thanks for stopping by, Jan

  2. Wow- There are some really amazing pieces of "junk" there, Jan. The imaginations that some people have just floors me! Great post- xo Diana