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August 15, 2013

Earlier this week I encouraged you to consider knocking out your ceilings
to expose the beams in your home.  Why not go Whole Hog (as we say in
the South) and knock out the walls, too?!
Put those goggles back on.  It's time to knock out the walls . . . . . .
. . . . . and expose the brick!

The Cottage Market

Exposed brick and beams are so very, very companionable, aren't they?

Exposed brick adds a textural element to the interior
of your home that no other improvement can provide.

Exposed brick can seem, well, mannish
but this bedroom is definitely feminine.

You know that I'm a fool over repurposed closet space.  LOVE how
they accented the brick with beautiful layered crown molding.

 R. Higgins Interiors

Your house isn't brick?  No problem.  LowesHome Depot and other home improvement stores sell 'pavers' - faux brick veneers that look and feel just like brick.  So much less messy than knocking out sheetrock and studs, isn't it?

You might want to start small with, say, a back splash, to familiarize yourself with the process of applying pavers.  Get messy!  And add amazing texture to your home.


  1. This is a look that either looks great, or unfinished!

  2. As beautiful as this looks it's really bad for the house. I'm an architecture student and i'm in the process of learning about construction and particularly in newer builds, the walls are built up with layers of materials to improve the environmental standard of the building. You can get a product called brick slips which are basically brick facings, thin like tiles but with the appearance of bricks. They look great and are much better for your home :)

  3. Our summer kitchen was an addition to our 1857 brick house.....which means an interior wall used to be an exterior wall. We have yet to free the brick, but hope to give it a go when next we work on the kitchen. This post is very inspiring!

  4. I LOVE exposed brick in a house- We had it in our very first home and I loved it- xo Diana

  5. Hi Jan! You have made me an 'exposed brick' lover! It looks so beautiful in those photos!

    The upholstery changes were just breath-taking. It really just recreates a piece, doesn't it. So amazing!

    Good to see you today!