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August 9, 2013

Before & After Projects are the icing on our little Friday cupcake!

Kathryn Jasper of Makin' It In Memphis is a very creative and clever
young lady.  Her darling personality shines through everything she
does, especially when it comes to renovating the classic 1960s
bungalow she shares with her equally darling husband.
Since 2010, the young Jaspers have devoted themselves to updating their
home.  The subtle changes really make a huge impact - they replaced the
wrought iron with columns, replaced the large window and front door,
painted the porch siding and trimmed back the landscaping.  Beautiful! 

And, as if the exterior of their home wasn't impressive
enough, check out their renovated kitchen:
    Before                                                                         After 

Such hard work, such amazing results!

This kitchen re-do was recently featured on HGTV - so elegant and efficient.


It's almost rude to make this comment but I would probably have painted
the metal windows white instead of dark.  But that's just my preference.

 While big renovations produce big rewards, smaller projects are satisfying, too: 

 A little fabric, a little spray paint - viole, a chic new patio chair:

Thrift shops are teeming with china cabinets just begging for an update:                                                          
Apartment Therapy

One thing I'll say for painting large pieces of furniture -
the intricate scroll work really stands out now:

Twice Lovely

Sometimes a little fabric and a staple gun can transform
a nondescript chair into a contemporary wonder:

If you have time this weekend stop by your local flea market or thrift shop.
You might be surprised at the treasures you uncover.  Happy hunting!


  1. What a great home make-over. Lots of those 70's houses out there. This would be so inspiring to anyone buying them.

  2. There are some really great before and afters here, Jan. The ranch house renovation is really cute- xo Diana

  3. I just love before/after posts. Someday I am going to do one of the many projects around here and have an 'after' to brag about!!

  4. Hi Jan! Thank you for finding my blog! So nice to meet you!

    I love your photo of Julia Sugarbaker, I loved that show! I enjoyed the before and after pics of the kitchens, we're thinking of updating and enlarging our current Pullman. Your pics make me excited for change!

    So happy to join you too!

  5. I had amazing yard sale karma this weekend. Photos to come, but I spent a good portion of my weekend painting.