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August 16, 2013

Before & After projects - what a great way to wind up the week!

Alexandria Interiors
Such a fresh upholstery treatment.

What a darling transformation for a pitifully plain little rattan chair.


What can you do with a $20 buffet that has damaged veneer?
Paint it beautiful!
Kim of Green Room Interiors has a knack for turning yard sale finds
into charming accent pieces that would look great in any home: 
   Before                                                                    After

   Before                                                                               After

Green Room Interiors
 I'm conflicted over the project below.  I adore natural wood and it's almost
painful to see a beautiful piece of antique wood furniture that's been painted:

Considering the damage to the veneer it's
understandable why the dresser was painted.
Do you like the upholstery fabric choice for this lovely settee?
The paint treatment on the dresser, below,
makes it almost unrecognizable:
Click here for a tutorial on painting the
hexagon pattern featured on this dresser.
Thrift shops are teeming with used office
chairs that can be given an updated appearance:

How do you camouflage damage to the top of a small chest?
 Stencil over the damage and paint the base.
Face it, this dresser in its 'before' condition was painfully dull:
The dual paint treatment really makes the trim and pulls pop.
 Let's close the week with two of our favorite things - Before & After
photos and repurposed projects - twice.
  This bed frame makes a darling bench, doesn't it?

 A dreary small cabinet has been repurposed into a hip liquor bar.  Groovy!
Have a great weekend and keep an eye open for your own Before & After projects.


  1. loved seeing all these transformations.. I have a dresser I'm hoping to redo this weekend! wish me luck!
    have a great day

  2. There are some beauties here. I barely noticed the brown 'before' chair in the first pic. What a transformation. And those dull brown drawers that now have floral fronts, so pretty.

  3. Seriously amazing round up. I love so many of them. It is great when things get a second life and don't go into the landfill.

  4. My favorite was the third picture the black and white fabric chair
    the black and white settee make over is great also

  5. There are a lot of WOWs here! There are some really GOO makeovers! xo Diana

  6. Wow, those were some ugly ducklings turned into swans! Love the little dresser with the wallpaper fronts and the bar is great! All of them are amazing! xo

  7. I love before and after pictures, it's great to see so many in one place! I love the stencil on top of the small dresser, I never would have thought of doing that! I am a new follower. Please visit me if you get a moment! Have a great evening!