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April 22, 2015

You're walking on the beach and stumble upon a small brass
lamp.  You pick it up, brush off the sand and a genie pops out.

He makes you an unbelievable gift of $44 million dollars!  There's
just one catch - it all has to be spent on just one purchase.

What do you buy?  Here are some suggestions:

Shelter Island in Montana features 24 private acres and a gorgeous stone mansion.

Located at 973 5th Avenue, this 15,000+ sq ft brownstone fronts Central Park.

A 2.76 acre oceanfront building lot in Honolulu with 360 feet of ocean frontage

Or maybe jewelry is your thing . . . . 
Designer-to-the-stars Harry Winston once owned this perfect
pink solitaire name The Graff Pink.  Worth $46 million, it is
the most expensive piece of jewelry ever sold at auction.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO can be yours for a little over $40 million

Want to take a risk on the stock market?
Warren Buffett's investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, is
currently the most expensive stock in the world - trading for
$200,000 a share.  Let's put you down for a portfolio of 200 shares.

Regardless of how you spend your windfall, an anonymous
phone bidder gave their genie a stroke by buying a ping-pong
table for $44 million dollars:

Actually, it isn't a ping-pong table.  It's New York painter Barnett Newman's
abstract painting titled Onement VI that was auctioned by Sotheby's. 

Barnett painted the 8.5' x 10' "masterpiece" in 1953.
Here is the artist with his creation:

Art aficionados are urged to not confuse Newman's
Onement VI with his 1951 painting Cathedra:

Yup, another ping pong table, just bigger.

I think the genie just shook his head and retreated back
into the lamp.  Could have had a NY penthouse.

Before I'd spend $44 million dollars on a painted ping-pong
table I'd create a foundation that encouraged recycling.
Happy Earth Day 2015


  1. Happy Earth day to you too !
    Those are some purchases that I could not even dream of. If I had that kind of money,some people of Bombay would not be sleeping on the streets.

  2. PS:
    I would join you with that foundation.

  3. Fun post today.
    I like your foundation idea.
    I would used the money for any one of hard hit areas in America that everyone seem to forget.
    Appalachia for one or anyone of the native tribes. Health service and doctors for even one tribe.

    cheers, parsnip