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April 6, 2015

Did you know that Americans alone generate 250 million tons
(that's 500,000,000,000 pounds!) of solid waste every year?

Wow.  That's a lot.  Thankfully, over 34% of the waste is recyclable.

On today's Repurposeful Monday we're going to look at some home
accent pieces that were created from 'trashed' bicycles.

In 1994, upcycle artist Graham Bergh started Resource Revival, a
company that collects thousands of pounds of used bicycle parts every
year and repurposes them into home accent pieces - frames, clocks, and just
about anything that strikes their fancy.  Their signature clock is pictured above.

An old bicycle chain became a picture frame. . . . .
. . . . and also a luggage tag:

After reading about Resource Revival I wondered what
other things could be made from bicycle parts.
Cool wind chime made from bicycle gears.

Mounted deer heads?!  Cute.

When the handles/horns are hung upside-down
it becomes a great indoor bicycle 'rack'. . . . . 

. . . . . maybe too many hunting cycling trophies?
Nice wine rack.  Has a Steam Punk feel to it.

Re-Geared is an etsy shop 'geared' toward upcycling bike and
auto parts into one-of-a-kind gifts, accessories and doo-dads:

Sweet star ornament made from a bike chain.

 Adorable magnet that's also a bottle opener.

 The fork of a bicycle frame was repurposed
into a lamp - just add your own shade.

 Anyone who collects antique or vintage
bicycles would adore any of these lamps:

We haven't even gotten to the art aspect
of salvaged bicycle parts.

The red hair bow is a precious touch.

Old bicycle seats were converted into charming jewelry display stands:
Very clever.  Dare I say, "flea chic!"

I've never found bicycle seats to be particularly comfortable so
sitting on this one-of-a-kind stool isn't too appealing:

These banana seat bar stools look slightly more comfortable:

These coffee tables aren't just artistic, they're functional:

This stain glass and bicycle gear piece is stunning:

I'm definitely feeling the Steam Punk vibe
from this incredible chandelier:


Make your own flower cart from pallet wood and discarded bike rims:

Yes, there are a myriad of useful items that can be made from
discarded bicycle parts.  And those parts help reduce the
amount of waste that's sent to the dump each year.  Win-Win!


  1. Very creative! I ♥ the wine rack...and stained glass pieces!

  2. Wonderful.
    We have a Bike Group that has an old building in town and lots of old parts. You can sign up for art classes.
    I when to their art show and purchased a sun dial, clock and lamp.

    cheers, parsnip