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April 10, 2015

What?  It can't be Friday - where did the week go?!

Well, if it's Friday, you know what that means -

Before and After Projects!

Today's first renovation is truly an exceptional
one - a very dated den received an update.

Here's the view from the other end of the room.

Kitchen and den combinations can be very challenging to
decorate.  It's often hard to give each area its own personality.  Check
out this transformation and the distinct style each space received:

Here is the view from the other end of the room:

Porches sometimes morph into screened-in porches which can morph
into closed-in porches.  A sad addition was given an 'additional' makeover:   

So much more appealing now that it's lighter.

This porch was transformed with a
homemade day bed and colorful fabric:

Subtle changes can have a huge impact:

The blue faux barn door conceals an unused door.

This living room seems so moody:
So much more inviting, isn't it?

Historic homes are some of the most challenging structures to re-hab.
Here are three rooms of an old house that were beautifully renovated. 
A downstairs bedroom before:
 After it was converted into a den:

The upstairs had been turned into a separate apartment.  The
current owners are turning the house back into one home.  Here is
(what was) the upstairs living room:
 During the process of turning it into a guest room:

This area had been the upstairs apartment's kitchen:
 It's now a gorgeous master bathroom:

An old addition with a sloped roof was torn off
and a more appropriate extension replaced it:

This older home had a very small second floor.
The owners decided to expand their horizons.

A full second story was added to this small house: 

It's hard to believe that these two photos are of the same house:

Another stunning addition:

Sometimes additional space is right under our feet:

Basements are some of the least expensive
renovations that pack the biggest punch.

A basement was turned into a mother-in-law suite with a kitchen:

Half of this basement was incorporated into the house very successfully:


Who doesn't dream about renovating a small cabin in the woods? 
Here are photos of a get-a-way that was lovingly transformed:

What a sweet retreat!

I hope you enjoyed viewing today's impressive projects.  You might
just be motivated to visit the home improvement store this weekend!


  1. Wonderful transformations! I love seeing the before and after.

  2. I actually liked the before wallpaper in the historic house.