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October 8, 2014

Shopping Alert!!!!

Just made a quick trip to Lowes to pick up some light
bulbs and found the bird seed bargain of the Century:
Their 20 pound bag of sunflower seeds that is
regularly $14.95 is on clearance for only

$1.95 !!!!

So, I loaded up.  Our little featherefriends will be happy.

Stop by Lowes on your way home and pick up a few bags.
85% off - what a bargain!


  1. Thanks! Hope it's that price at my local Lowes!


  2. WOW ! such a deal !
    Is there a sell by date on seeds ?
    Will they stay fresh till you use them up ?
    I would so love to feed the birds but where I live, with bird feeders comes all the little critters that are always trying to get into the house. I live out in the foothills with a lot of wildlife, we are careful about feeding.
    But I would love to have a bird feeder. Your so lucky.
    Can you post a few photos of your feather friends ?

    cheers, parsnip