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October 7, 2014

Oh, my gosh, I had a crazy dream where I slept
through the first week of October. . . . . . 

Actually, I just goofed off, gave myself a break,
stepped back and re-evaluated my priorities.

Sometimes you need to just chill.

Sometimes you need to get away.

Sometimes you need to replenish
your creative juices.

So, I'm back online and sincerely appreciate
your patience during my brief absence.

You might not need fleaChic in your life but I do.


  1. We all need that time of refreshing every now and again. Love visiting here : )

    1. Having a blog is a lot of fun but it's always in the back of your mind. Thanks for sticking with me!

  2. Well I absolutely need Flea Chic! I can relate to needing a break though, I write my own blog and one for our garden club and the library. Sometimes I just have to get away.

  3. Pleased you are back. We all need to take time out occasionally.


  4. I love your blog, I find it quite inspirational.