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October 20, 2014

It's that time of year to feature a Repurposeful
Monday of Halloween Decorations.

Pallet wood was used to construct a spooky fence.

My Repurposed Life
Yup, those are just painted blocks of wood.  Adorable!

A piece of plywood is the canvas that became instant Halloween art.

Black duct tape + canvas drop cloth = huge spider web: 
Vintage painted funnels make an adorable
stack of metal candy corn.

When you explain to the squirrels that you want to use
acorns as mini pumpkins, I'm sure they'll share. 

Don't toss out old light bulbs.  They can
be (carefully) painted as pumpkins, left:
Dukes and Duchesses                                                                               Dollar Cross
And a regular basketball, right, can temporarily
substitute as a Jack O'Lantern.

Need an emergency Halloween decoration idea? 
Nailed it!

So many everyday household items can be turned into decorations
that can be tossed into the recycle bin after the holidays.

 If you're packing someone special's lunch, add
a little Jack O'Lantern face to their tangerine.

Isn't this spider bun creepy and cute?  Black pipe cleaners,
a black pompom and googly eyes are all you need to
make this Halloween hair do.  Spider Power!

Imagine the reaction of the recycle guy when he finds
these bottles in the bin the week after Halloween!

Next time you're in a thrift shop or at a flea market look

for an inexpensive tarnished silver plated tray.  Chalk
paint allows you to write holiday messages on them.

And, lastly, here are two darling reasons to keep
a stash of discarded wood scraps:


Have a spookacular Monday!