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November 11, 2013

Repurposeful Monday - Count down to Christmas

Yes, today is the 7th Monday 'til Christmas and, as promised,
I have some funny and inexpensive gift ideas for you.

Do you have a young scholar in your family who needs a clock?
Make an algebra clock for them!  A basic wall clock at  Walmart
will run you less than $9 - trace a plate the size of the clock onto heavy
white paper; cut it out;  write the equations where the numbers should be;
pop off the hands of the clock and paste the algebra 'plate' onto the face
of the clock and put the hands back on.  Voila, an Algebra Clock!

FACT:  there is not a 4 to 10 year old on the
planet who wouldn't love a head lamp.
Priced at under $10, it makes a great gift
and you'll be the coolest gift-giver in the family.
(Don't forget the batteries.)

A Candy box of money:
                    1.  buy a box of candy and eat every piece
                    2.  Go to the bank and get various $1 bills, a $2 bill, a Susan
                         B. Anthony dollar, maybe a $5 bill, etc.
                    3.  fold the bills and place them in the candy cups
                   4.   wrap the box (don't forget to wipe the chocolate off of your mouth)

Another cute idea for giving cash:
Be Different, Act Normal
That's right - put it in a balloon.  Before having the helium
pumped into the balloon insert the cash and confetti.

Do you know a little miss who likes bow bands?
Create your own with felt and a glue gun.

How about a Dream Catcher bracelet:
Buy one online for $25 or make your own for much less.

This I'm Nuts About You key ring is priced at $20 online but you
can go to the hardware store and make your own for less than $5.

Online this rustic wrench picture frame will run you about $25 + shipping.
Why not make your own from 'found' yard sale or thrift shop wrenches?

Unique refrigerator magnets:
Purchase a used Scrabble game at a thrift shop; glue magnets to the
wooden tiles and bend the game board into a box for wrapping.

Or how 'bout foreign coins as magnets?
Children love to see their art work displayed on the
refrigerator and are always fascinated by money.

This lot of foreign coins is priced on eBay for less than $5.
Think how many magnets you could make from this lot alone.

Do you have friends or loved ones who like a little lime in their beer?
Apres Fete
Give them an actual baby lime tree and a six pack of Corona!

Redneck Wineglasses:
Hey, I don't have to apologize for being politically incorrect - I'm proud
to be called an Alabama Redneck!  A visit to the Dollar Tree is the only
stop you'll have to make to create your own 'classic crystal.'  (My sister
actually gave me one of these a couple of years ago!)

Looking for a Secret Santa or hostess gift idea?
Pampered Chef
Good quality kitchen utensils are always popular.

An old leather belt, a Starbucks bottle, pebbles and a cactus
are all the supplies you need to make a desert terrarium.

Are there newlyweds on your gift list who will be
sharing their first Christmas as husband and wife?
Create a set of Newlywed Pillows to commemorate the special occasion.
Another great gift idea is to start a tradition of giving an annual
Christmas ornament for their tree.

IF I didn't live in a country where it was technically illegal to deface coins,
I would consider making my Mom a grandmother's coin necklace - using a
minted/stamped dime from the year each of her grandchildren were born.  

This penny bracelet reminds me of one of my grandmother's sayings:
Count your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.

On a more somber note - today is Veterans Day.  I humbly express my gratitude to all who have served this great country.  There is a long tradition of military service in my family and I sincerely appreciate the sacrifices made by the families of those who have served.

Below is a list of restaurants offering free or discounted meals for Veterans today:

Applebee’s – All veterans and active-duty military eat free from a limited menu on Veterans Day.

Chili’s -- Veterans and service members can dine for free from a special six-item menu on Veterans Day.

Golden Corral – Military Appreciation Monday includes a free dinner, November 11, from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Famous Dave’s –Offers for free or discounted meals on Veterans Day vary by location.

Hooters –All veterans and service members get 10 free wings with the purchase of a drink.

Krispy Kreme – A free donut is available for all service members, retirees and veterans.

Olive Garden - Veterans and current service members have their choice of a free entree from a special menu and the rest of the family will receive 10% off of their meal.  In recognition of November being Military Family Appreciation Month, current military service members and their families receive 10% off all food items the entire month.

Outback Steakhouse – Outback will offer veterans and military a free Bloomin’ Onion and beverage.

Subway Restaurants – Free six-inch sub or flatbread available to military vets on Veterans Day.

Texas Roadhouse – Free meals available to veterans from opening until 4pm on Veterans Day.

T.G.I. Friday’s – Veterans and service members can buy one meal and get another free.

Retailers are also offering Veterans Day discounts.  Here just a few: – A free downloadable MP3 album includes 12 songs performed
by military bands and ensembles from now through Veterans Day.

The Dollar General – Veterans, service members and their immediate families
can receive a 10 % discount with a Veterans Day coupon.

Home Depot –Offers a 10% discount to all veterans on Veterans Day as well as a 10% discount year-round to active duty military and retirees.

Lowe’s –All veterans receive the 10% discount for purchases of up to $5,000.  A 10% discount is available year-round to active-duty military and retirees.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Jan-These are GREAT ideas. I saved a link to this post so I could come back and use some of the ideas at Christmas time. LOVE it! Thanks for the Veterans mention, too. xo Diana

    1. My favorite of today's ideas is the money box of candy - cause I'm a chocolate addict! A few of these gift ideas can be made by young children which gives them a sense of accomplishment.

  2. There are some excellent ideas here. I like the lime tree with the beers.
    Good to know the restaurants and retailers are supporting your Veterans in this way.

    1. The lime tree is a hoot, isn't it? It would be a great birthday gift, too.

  3. Smart ideas! The candy money box is really clever and would be just perfect for my 11 year old nephew. He's pretty hard to impress and I think he'd like I get to eat the candy. :)

    1. I really like the candy money box, too - and not just because I'm a chocolate fiend! I think it would be a cute surprise for the 'tween age kids.

  4. Great ideas, thank you for posting them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by today. I really appreciate it. -- Jan

  5. Love the ideas! I think Batman might get a candy box of money for Christmas.

    1. That's a cute idea, isn't it? It would also be a good birthday gift. I've never met a 'tween-ager who was insulted by money! ha

  6. I enjoyed this post so much, amazing ideas, my head is spinning!

    1. Fanks! (to quote my 2 year old grandson!) So glad you stopped by.

  7. These ideas are wonderful! I love the algebra clock - my son would love this. Lovely tribute to our veterans. xo Karen