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November 13, 2012

Tuesdays seem to be good days for featuring repurposing, don't they?
Today's offering is a mixed lot of practical, ingenious, and sophisticated:

Looking for a very unusual Christmas gift?  The talented craftsmen at
A Mechanical Mind construct fab jewelry out of recycled watch gears.  

Mixed media artist Sophie Marsham created Time in the Woods
from a vintage cigar-rolling block and antique watch faces.

Can you guess what these beautiful etched glass pendants
were in a previous life?  Click the here for the answer.

Get the children in a gift-making mood with this darling key ring station.  

A clever auto body-shop owner provides benches
for his customers out of wrecked truck parts.

Need a last minute centerpiece or improvised
cake plate?  Just remember this charming idea!

In the Winter our feathery friends need help with
supplemental feeding more than any other season.

When unpacking your cold weather sweaters consider
recycling one into a one-of-a-kind throw pillow.

Go to your local farm supply store and purchase a galvanized tub.
Recover it in floral wallpaper and - voile! - beautiful yarn carrier.

Can you spot the ingenious repurposing in this home office
photo?  Check out the magazine holders, i.e., coat hangers.

Do you have a little foot stool that is in need of a new
look?  Many lumber stores give away free yardsticks.

Simple + Simple = Elegant!  How charming is this dining room
table made from a discarded door and painted saw horses?

When you're ready to indulge yourself, visit a used merchandise supply
store and purchase a clothing display case.  Trim it out, paint it gold,
and turn your guestroom into a plush Art Deco-inspired dressing room.

I hope these clever ideas provide some inspiration.  Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I love that necklace at the top of your post :)
    Thanks for sharing . . I'm headed their way right now.
    Have a great day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)