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November 19, 2012

As we begin a week of Thanksgiving let's take a moment
to appreciate the simple beauty in common things.

I love an old barn with a face, don't you?
Bob and I are on the road, headed to north Alabama
for the holiday.  Posts might be a little sporactic this
week but know I'm thinking of you!


  1. Lovely post :)
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. All of these pictures capture such simple treasures.
    Sorry I have missed out on many post over the past few weeks, I have been away from blogging due to a high dose of crazy life.
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

    1. Girl, I totally appreciate chaos! Bob and I are anticipating/considering a MAJOR lifestyle move and the stress of contemplating such change is almost overwhelming. Let's bundle up the craziness for a few days and mentally give ourselves a break - I will if you will (LOL!). -- Jan