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November 7, 2012

Pull up a chair.  Today we're going take a look at
some Before & After thrift store and yard sale gems.

Chairs are some of the easiest and least expensive items of furniture
to rehab.  An electric staple gun is well worth the investment.

Before - ordinary

After - extraordinary!
Baby Emily

   Before:                                                    After:

How awesome is this Mid-Century lounger with its new upholstery?
                        Before:       Home D-Zine                                 After:                                        

You have to look very carefully in thrift stores to find footstools.  Not only are
they low to the ground, they often have stuff stacked on top of them.  
  Before:                         Devore Design                                         After:


    Before:                                                           After:
The Hunted Interior
Kristin Jackson of The Hunted Interior found a china cabinet top and
decided to take a totally different approach to restoring it - she charmingly
turned it into a desk.

The two old plant stands, below, were both in very rough condition.
They received completely different makeovers but the results are stellar.


                                               After:                                                                            After:
Which is your favorite?

The wood candle holder was distressed but now has a
festive yet traditional appearance and a new drawer pull.

                                     Before:                                                                                          After:

The plain little dresser, below, was given a simple, refreshing
paint treatment.  What makes this project outstanding are the
charming vintage drawer pulls found at a flea market.

Yard sales are great sources for barely used pieces of luggage.
Want to make yours stand out at the airport luggage carousal?
Give it an inexpensive, stenciled paint treatment:

Extrovert Apprentice

Plastic toys can fade within a season when exposed to sunshine.

After a paint job, this little fellow looks brand new:

It's amazing what a little patience and paint can accomplish, isn't it?


  1. Amazing ... with a little imagination and a pot of paint or scrap of fabric. Thanks for these ...

  2. Great makeovers! I love the china cabinet turned desk and the painted luggage!

  3. Your site blows my mind :)
    You come up with amazing inspiration!
    The luggage idea is wonderful.
    The white plant stand is my favorite.

    The post just before this one . . . how did I almost miss it?
    It is impossible to chose between those light fixtures. I want them all, but the most unique (to me) was the top hat and derby . . . AMAZING!
    That's why I love visiting your blog :)
    Have a marvelous day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie

    1. Connie, you're the best blogger friend ever! Your comments always make my day. -- Jan

  4. What a sweet post...before and after, so cool:) I am getting ready to do two really nice wingback chairs. They have that old gold fabric, and they go with nothing. But I really love them. I will share them if I ever get to it....a little scary!!!

    1. Oooh, yes! Please share - I'd love to post it on fleaChic!

  5. LOVE before/after pics!! Thanks for inspiring me!