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January 5, 2012

I love the name of the flea market on the right - Clutter

Was one of your New Year Resolutions to clean out and organize your closets?  Me, neither.  But, these designers made it fun - by removing the closet!

Removing the closet door gives the room a more spacious feeling.  Adding wallpaper and hanging a mirror turn a normal closet space into an interesting architectural feature.

Charming bar atop vintage suitcases - IN A CLOSET!

A simple and temporary transformation occurred by removing the clothes rack, hanging wallpaper, and setting the suitcases on an antique chair.  I love the added touch of hanging a horseshoe.

Well, if it isn't our new friend Tangerine Tango!  This bedroom had two closets so the owner turned one of them into a charming work space.  The new area gives the room a feeling of added depth. 

Definitely a little too pink for me but what a great idea for a baby girl's nursery.  Again, by removing the doors the room has a more spacious feeling and allows the parents to see at a glance what they're looking for.  The closet light also adds additional lighting to the room.

Wow - the changes in these foyer closets completely transform the entryways and adds an elegant touch.

A closet conversion can provide not only a charming
workspace and but also a reading nook: 


Umm. . . . wouldn't this be considered a bedroom in NYC?! 

A precious idea for a nursery, children's room, or even the family room.  What child wouldn't feel special to have their own reading nook?   Like most of today's closet projects, this one doesn't have to be permanent - just remove the seating and rehang the closet door.

Take a look at your closets and think about other ways to use the space.  And, remember - DIY is so fleaChic!

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