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January 16, 2012


It's been too long since I've featured repurposing photos.  Let's take a look at some ingenious creations for a
little Monday Motivation.

 What a balancing act - using vintage suitcases to
hold up the table.  So fleaChic!

Haven't found your ideal coffee table, yet?  No rush. 
Just stack some coffee table books and put a vase on top!

Another clever use of shutters as a headboard.

Such a darling idea - especially love using the
bike's basket to hold towels and washcloths. 

Salvage a broken picture frame, break it some more,
and use the pieces to make - what else? - a picture frame!

What a great giftwrapping idea for homemade treats.


Before & After meets Repurposing:

Who would have thought that a vintage cake holder
would make an awesome retro lamp?! 

Speaking of Before & After projects,
take a look at these transformations:

Gotta say - I'm crushing on that wagon wheel.

How many times have you seen one of these little
nightstands at a flea market or in a thrift store?

Sew sweet:

Beautiful treatment for a vintage sewing machine cabinet.

Stately renovated china cabinet waiting
in the warehouse for their new owner.

 Darling corner chair was lost against all of the paneling. 
Now, it's a statement piece.

A country clock was turned into a sophisticated city clock:


   Ordinary primitive bench:

    Extraordinary chic bench!

     When rescued, this desk was battered and bruised:

Chipped corner - ouch.  It had to be rebuilt with plaster. 

Excellent job!

Remember - it may be Monday but it doesn't have to be mundane!

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