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October 18, 2015

Halloween Repurposing

This post might be a little late but 
Better Late Than Never!

Jewelry wrapping is very popular so why
not wrap a candle like a spider web?

Damaged books are perfect for 'carving' this time of year.

Rusty scrap metal pieces are perfect for Halloween decor.

To make fruit a little more special, remove the pulp of
an orange, carve a face and fill the 'pumpkin' with berries:  

Every year I see jar lid pumpkins and think,
"What a great idea!"

It's also just as charming to leave the lids unpainted:


Roof wind turbines make stately rustic pumpkins.

You know those flexible metal tubes that vent the dryer?  
Spray painted, they make adorable pumpkins.

Scrub pads, twigs and the springs of ink pens:
Oh, my!  So cute.

Reuse a Halloween crafted pumpkin?  Yes!
You only need 3 supplies:  a roll of toilet tissue, a scarf, and a twig.


If you have a jigsaw puzzle with a few missing
pieces turn it into a pumpkin ornament.

This is a brilliant way to light-up kitty pumpkins:

Every time we empty a coffee container I toss it into the recycle
bin.  Maybe I'll just hang on to them for Halloween:

What an ingenious way to temporarily use a doily:
It's not unusual to find small embroidery hoops at thrift shops.  Spray
paint one black, insert the doily and add a Dollar Tree spider!

Black fish net pantyhose cover an empty wine bottle:

Gauze-wrapped glass jars and googly eyes make funny ghosts:

A thrift store doll house was transformed into a haunted house:
Very clever!

Weren't these repurposing ideas spooktacular?!