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June 26, 2015

It's been such a hectic week that I almost forgot today is Friday.
And we can't end the week without Before & After projects, can we?

Our theme today?  There's not one - it's a smorgasbord of projects!
One word:  Wow!

Here it is from another view:

This small bathroom was transformed with
just a coat of paint and new accessories:

Laundry rooms rarely get included in a decorating budget.  This one
needed less than $150 to become one of the cutest rooms in the house:

When a young couple decided to move their laundry room to another
part of the house, they turned the space into an awesome pantry: 

What a luxury of organization.

Who says you can't turn a painfully plain
family room into a sophisticated retreat?

This den had several architectural features that needed an extra tweak:

I love that they painted the beams in this den:

A teen was ready for a more sophisticated room:

You're hardly going to believe the change in this bedroom:

Amazing, right?

Maybe you have an area that needs perking up?
Molding, paint and new hardware made
this cabinet look brand new.

What can you do with a free (pitiful) cabinet?
Turn it into a Mid-Century Modern beauty!

Prepare to have your mind blown:

What's truly outrageous about this thrift shop treasure is that
is was spray painted!  It's true.  You can find tons of how-to videos
on YouTube that show the step-by-step procedures of spray painting
instead of traditional brush painting.

Here are a few ideas if you're thinking
of updating an old dresser.

We're going to end today with some larger exterior projects.
Not only did these renovations improve the curb appeal of
the houses, they greatly increased the property values.

 A porch was added to the front of this
rancher and changed its style forever:

Who knew that such a precious bungalow
was hiding behind the overgrown shrubs?

This small cottage had so much personality waiting to be revealed:

Three words:

 Landscape, landscape, landscape!!!

This beautiful manor was lost in the crowd of same-color homes:


The porch of this house was just wrong:

Now it's so right. 

Blue Heaven!

The improvements to this house were subtle but effective:

All this house really needed was to
have the shrubs and trees replaced:

 (Remember "Landscape, landscape, landscape?")

This historic New Orleans cottage had stunning
mill work that needed to be emphasized:


A new color and imaginative landscaping made
this house the showpiece of the neighborhood:


We saw some really amazing makeovers today, didn't we?
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.


  1. Please send the Before and After fairy to my house LOL

  2. And mine as well, haha. Some lovely makeovers today.


  3. "FleaChic: Flea Market Savvy" has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! These after and before transformation make me want to buy a paint sprayer and get start to paint.


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