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May 3, 2015

Congratulations to the British on the birth of their latest Royal Princess!

As when her older brother was born, the adorable little girl's name
had not been announced at the time of her leaving the hospital.

Prince George Alexander Louis

Let's have a guessing contest!  After all, collectible memorabilia with her
name and initials will go into production as soon as the details are released.

Here are my guesses for the name of the Royal Princess:

Princess Charlotte Diana Alice Elizabeth

Princess Alice Diana Charlotte

and, my favorite:

Princess Snooki Brittany Lindsay Apricot

Okay, your turn!

UPDATE:  5/4/15 Just announced that the Royal Princess has been
named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  I wasn't too far off the mark!


  1. I think she will be named Victoria (after Queen Victoria).

  2. I thought Victoria or Caroline but have changed my mind. My guess is Alice Charlotte Diana or a combination of those names with maybe Elizabeth or even Mary thrown in. In other words I'm confused, haha. I think it will be an old fashioned name to go with her big brother George's name.


  3. I would have put money on their being a Diana in there somewhere.

  4. I agree, Diana has to be there and may be, Elizabeth, or Beth or Liz too eh ?