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November 14, 2014

Welcome to another Before & After Friday!

Over the last few months I've dedicated Friday posts
to specific types of B&A projects.  Today is just a hot
mess of lots of different types of do-overs.  Join me.

This pitiful desk was almost beyond saving:

Ooooh, lala!  Now it's a chic work station.

The B&A of a rescued yard sale desk: 

This dainty chair was lost in its blandness:
Justine Taylor
It stands out now, doesn't it?

Here's a different treatment for a similar style of chair:
4 the Love of Wood

A little cabinet was given a country French update:

Fake It Frugal

We've all got light switch covers and most of them are probably bare:

How 'bout taking a few thrift shop picture frames
and spray painting them?

The results:


Framing bare mirrors can improve any bathroom:

Look what frame molding did for this vintage dresser:

Are you looking to add a little color to your kitchen?
No problem.  A can of paint might be all you need.
Click here for the easy step-by-step tutorial.

A rustic end table was turned into a darling tea cart:

How sad is this damaged buffet?

But look how stunning it is now:

A vintage magazine rack was given a makeover
and is now a super cute organization station:

An $11 thrift shop find:

A staircase was taken out of the 80's and
given a timeless traditional look:

Paint and a new backsplash completely
transformed this kitchen:

Here's another kitchen makeover that also used paint and a backsplash:
I think I prefer the white cabinets better than the brown ones.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this 'before' family room:
But, gosh, look how amazing it is now!

Here's another successful family room makeover:


This homeowner turned a 'fine' living room
into a spectacular living room:
Simply WOW!

Did you get inspired by any of today's projects?  Several of them are
'weekend-able' and don't really require a lot of time or supplies.

Go out and look for a potential B&A of your own this beautiful Autumn weekend!


  1. I have the same old buffet - this inspires me like crazy. And now I want to keep the old easy chair afterall - just paint it.
    You have some great ideas and beautiful results here. Thank you! have a great weekend.

  2. I am always amazed by the before and after photos, you certainly never disappoint. Yet again a wonderful post, quite inspirational. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love Fridays at your blog !
    I framed one of my bathroom mirrors and it works like a dream.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. You chose some great before/after photos this week...I am not a lover of pink, but that desk is awesome!
    Have a great weekend, Jan.

  5. I love seeing before and after photos! Thanks for this great collection!

  6. Great post. I loved seeing all the before and afters.