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June 5, 2015

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly Before & After Fridays come around. 

Only two types of people will not be interested in today's projects:

♦  those living in the middle of a forest without neighbors for miles
♦  those who are exhibitionists

So what are we going to view today?

Before and After Window Treatments

Let's get started.  This den has a balance problem -
a single window beside a triple window:

These panels help camouflage the imbalance:

I know, I know - this is more about a full bathroom makeover.
But pay special attention to the raised valance in the 'after' photo:

Look how much taller the room seems when
the curtain rods are hung near the ceiling.

The sheer panels in this living room are too insubstantial:

These stenciled drapes bring some much needed drama: 

These valances are subtle and thoroughly charming:

Even though these two photos were taken from different views -

you can see what a startling change these window panels made:

 It's so much fun to start with a bare window:

In this adorable house Modern was merged with Traditional:

The side swag, left, looked a little dated.  The new
Roman shades, right, are much more interesting:

What a darling makeover of a sunny office nook:

Is it just me or do the gold chevron drapes bring in more sunshine? 

The transformation of this room is stunning:

The fancy valance is a little rich for my taste
but the colors are soothing.

Unfortunately, for the sake of privacy, window treatments
were installed over these beautiful French doors: 

I'm going to be 'Nancy Nitpicker' - the tiny window beside
the bed - wouldn't it have looked better if the Roman shade
was the same as the lighter color of the panels?

The new curtains do a nice job of framing the window:

A dated formal dining room received a makeover from top to bottom:

The new window treatments definitely bump up the Wow Factor.

Well, this is an unusual ending - we get to
choose which of the three 'afters' we prefer:

Which design is your favorite?  I'm leaning toward Design One.

Did today's projects inspire you to consider freshening up your window treatments?
New drapes, panels or shades could give you a whole new outlook on your decor.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Definitely gave me food for thought.

  2. Thanks for posting this on window treatments. I bought a house in July and have been using the yucky almond blinds, which I detest. Now, I have some ideas for how to change things up! Yea!

  3. It really makes one think, beautiful pictures and post.